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Yacht Ownership

The lifestyle of superyacht owner is a much-desired aspiration.
YachtingOne enables this yacht ownership experience at a fraction of the cost and without the hassle of yacht administration.

Yacht Owner Weeks

YachtingOne combines the value of yacht ownership with the ease of yacht charter by giving their clients a co-ownership share in their selected yacht and in addition the predefined right to use their yacht for a specific calendar week. These are the Yacht Owner Weeks.
The tokenization of the Yacht Owner Weeks makes the acquisition, the transfer and the swap legally secure and easily possible.

Without Hassle

YachtingOne takes care of all aspects of the yacht and crew management, the professional yacht maintenance and providing an exceptional quality service, while sustaining the value retention of the yacht.
YachtingOne enables yacht ownership with ‘light luggage’.

The YachtingOne Fleet

What is your preferred yacht size?

>35m Motor-Yacht
  • 8+ guests
  • €20 million yacht market value
  • Yacht-Owner-Weeks from €1.5 million
25-35m Motor-Yacht
  • 6-8 guests
  • €10 million yacht market value
  • Yacht-Owner-Weeks from €850,000
20-25m Motor-Yacht
  • 4-6 guests
  • €4 million yacht market value
  • Yacht-Owner-Weeks from €250,000
The YachtingOne Philosophy
Combine the lifestyle of a yacht owner
with the ease of a charter guest
Each Yacht Owner Week includes a 5% share in the yacht (Co-Ownership), combined with the right to use the yacht for a specific, annually recurring, and pre-determined calendar week within the 20 peak season weeks between April and October (Timeshare). This combination of co-ownership and timeshare creates the innovative and unique proposition (Yacht Owner Week).

The Yacht-Owner-Weeks with their inherent ownership and usage rights are represented by tokens (Tokenisation) to make their acquisition, transfer and exchange as simple, fast and legally secure as possible. The tradability of Yacht Owner Weeks and their YachtingOne tokens is supported through YachtingOne's Premium Platform (Marketplace). As the YachtingOne fleet grows, so does the YachtingOne family and its members gain flexible access to the top yachting hotspots in the most attractive locations around the globe with the ultimate luxury yachting experience and many more benefits (Membership).
What are your preferred months on board?
YachtingOne stands for
Low entry hurdle due to the division of the yacht co-ownership into the Yacht Owner Week proposition
Full transparency for co-owner Purchase price & annual maintenance fee are clearly calculated and offering cost security
Flexibility of use same yachts available in several yachting hotspots, possibility to exchange or charter out the weekly right of use
Highest quality standard through professional yacht management & identification of yacht users as co-owners
New yacht fleet by having a 5-year yacht cycle

What are your favourite locations?

Rest of the world
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We started selling the 20 limited yacht owner weeks for Felicitatem.

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